GECC LTD has developed sophisticated formwork solutions for some of the most complex construction projects being done today. The company's standard form systems are versatile and completely adaptable to a variety of configurations such as Overhead lines, Underground Cable works, football playground and synthetic track.

The company's expert staff has the capability to design, supply and installation of any kind of power line, synthetic turf and track. We give a complete formwork package.

The mission of GECC LTD is to provide quality service at competitive pricing.


GECC LTD will be committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees, customers, and persons living in the community where it operates. To accomplish this, GECC LTD will ensure that it complies with current Health Administration and Occupational Health and Safety laws and will maintain its operations, procedures, technologies, and policies accordingly. Each employee will have the responsibility to fully comply with established safety rules and to perform work in such a manner to prevent injuries to themselves and others. GECC LTD is very concerned about job-site safety and plans to set up a comprehensive safety program.

GECC LTD will be responsible to its employees, the men and women who work with the company throughout the country. At GECC LTD, everyone will be considered as an individual and the company will respect their dignity and recognize their merit. Employees will be encouraged to have a sense of security and pride in their jobs. Additionally, employees will be free to make suggestions and complaints. The company will afford equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for those qualified.

GECC LTD employees will be committed to:

  • Providing a safe work environment to protect employees, the employees of customers and subcontractors, and the public.
  • Supplying safe products for customers.
  • Continuously improving the company's safety program to reduce the risk of accidents and occupational illness in a changing work environment.
  • Encouraging employees to participate in accident prevention programs and take personal responsibility for their own and their co-workers' health and safety.
  • Regulatory compliance and contribution to high safety standards for our industry.
  • Monitoring workplaces, enforcing safe work practices, and communicating the Company’s safety performance to employees and other stakeholders.
  • Making safety a value-added service that the company provides to its customers.