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Introducing BOATMILL® - A Renewable Energy-Hybrid Fishing Boat

Coastlines offer an ideal geography for Renewable Energy-Hybrid (Solar and Wind) solutions, as they provide both Solar energy during the day and Wind energy day and night due to radiation-convection effects. The versatility of SolarMill® allows for customized power solutions, overcoming economic viability or natural terrain constraints. Isolated islands serve as perfect examples where this solution can be exceptionally effective. Moreover, Solarmill®s can also power boats, provide energy for onboard loads on fishing boats, offer lighting solutions for fishing cages (Power Systems on Floating platforms), and supply power to air-conditioners in warehouses, among other applications.

Introducing BoatMill with Air-to-Water Generator

When combined with AWG technology, SolarMill® ensures a continuous supply of drinking water throughout the boat’s journey at sea.

The capacities are

  • 30 Litres per day
  • 50 Litres per day