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Introducing MOBILEMILL®:

Windstream takes pride in presenting the MobileMill, a groundbreaking renewable energy-powered Command Center designed specifically for first responders. The MobileMill significantly reduces the time from onsite setup to action, boasting a remarkable 60-second deployment time for generating 4KW of renewable energy. With redundant energy generation capabilities utilizing wind, solar, gen set, and grid (when available), the MobileMill ensures continuous charging of an 18KW battery array, providing uninterrupted power to the command center environment. Originally designed for emergency relief, this versatile technology can be adapted for various other applications. Explore the gallery below to witness the progress from the initial stages to the final rollout of the world’s first renewable energy trailer.

For more details on the features and functionality of the MobileMill, you can download our product sheet.


  • Enhanced reliability and stability of power supply.
  • Wind turbine units are mounted on the tower for optimal performance.
  • Increased utilization of wind energy.
  • Solar panels are positioned on a raised platform at a height of 10-15m.
  • Improved security measures.
  • No interference with communication equipment.